Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing enables us to move your vehicle to safety by reducing any chance for damage. When your vehicle is transported by our flatbed, the chances of debris and rocks that can damage the car frame, paint, or tires are almost zero. When you have an axle, this is perhaps the most suitable way to tow your vehicle. This is because instead of being dragged, flatbed towing carries your vehicle on the tow truck. It is a more convenient and safer way to move your vehicle. For luxury car owners, they will choose this method, because there is no risk of the car getting collided into vehicles or objects.

flatbed towing

With flatbed towing there will be no damage occurring to the bumper or tires. The vehicle is entirely put on the metal flatbed for the duration of transportation. As compared to traditional towing, where the vehicle is lifted with two wheels on the road, should the tow truck driver runs through a pothole, then there will be a possible impact to the vehicle. When vehicles are put on a flatbed tow truck, they are secured with towing straps and firmly loaded on the truck. Any possible danger to the vehicle, other drivers, or pedestrians are greatly reduced.

Flatbed Towing for Luxury Cars

You won’t want your Porsche dragged through the streets, and get hit by road debris which can damage the paint finish of your priced vehicle. The time and money involved in caring for the high valued vehicle are recognized. Any small rocks or pebbles that flew onto the windshield while towing on road can crack it. To prevent the drama, use flatbed towing to get your vehicle towed to your desired destination. With our flatbed tow trucks, your automobile will be in safe hands.

Towing Motorcycle and Scooter

Flatbed towing is perhaps the best way to go for these two-wheeled vehicles. The tow truck can load and unload the scooter or motorcycle easily. The flatbed can be lowered for the ride to be driven up, or towed up using a winch. After this, the wheels are tied down with towing chains or straps. The motorcycle will not sway with the chains and straps tied to it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get your vehicle towed to quickly and safely, so you can get have time to fix any vehicle or mechanical issue of your vehicle. After all, you want to get back onto the road with your beloved vehicle. Our tow truck drivers are experts in the field of towing, we can guarantee you a smooth towing experience.

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