Jump Start

Towing Los Angeles provides jump start service to vehicles having auto-battery trouble. Many factors are resulting in a need for jump start; from old batteries, leaving the lights on overnight, and other factors that can contribute to a dead car battery. These factors drain the battery and will leave the vehicle stalled. When you are on unfamiliar grounds, trying to find assistance could be a challenge. You can choose to call us to speed things up and get back to the road.

Roadside Assistance - jump start

You can choose to find strangers passing by to give you a hand. However, how many good Samaritans will stop by, have the jump start equipment, and spend time to jump start the car for you? You can always get professional roadside assistance from us, by pressing our hotline and dial button on your cell phone.

Why Batteries Fail

The car battery is more complicated than you can imagine. A battery needs to be fully charged to be able to operate in its best condition. So, if you are driving over short distances, sometimes the battery will not get a full charge. You can choose to do a long drive to prevent the need for a jump start.


When you call our hotline, you will be answered by our friendly dispatcher,
who will ask you some questions and gather certain important information about your situation. We will inquire if there are buildings for homes or businesses in your area, or if there is proper street lighting. We want to make sure you are in a safe area. We will advise you to stay in your vehicle, and wait for our arrival. Your safety is a top priority, and we will arrive in a short time to help you.

Affordable Pricing and Fast Response

We know that your time is precious, so we will strive to arrive at the shortest time possible. We want to reach you and help you get your car jump-started, and see you get going on the road again. You have your schedules and tasks to keep up with, and we want to help you catch up with whatever downtime you have lost due to roadside issues.

In addition to quality and fast roadside assistance, we also offer low rates that are affordable for all. We will do our best to provide prompt jump start service, at any time. This is because we are operating 24 hours, 7 days a week. So when you are stranded on the road and need immediate assistance, simply give us a call. We will get to work and be there in minutes.

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