Medium Duty Towing

When your medium vehicle has broken down on the roads of Los Angeles, you can call us for towing assistance. Many towing companies can handle light duty towing such as cars, we can manage even more! RVs, campers, motorhomes, small buses, we have the tow trucks and towing capacity to handle the towing situation.

If you do not plan to do a ton of research, finding the right towing company and going through reviews after reviews to figure who will give you the best towing service, then all you need is to save our contact number in your cell phone and press that quick-dial button. We provide reliable, friendly, and affordable medium duty towing in Los Angeles.

Towing is our specialty; and when you need fast towing, be it a light duty or medium duty towing, we can fulfill your request.

Medium Duty Towing

Your Medium Duty Towing Needs

We can tow various types of vehicles, ranging from cars, RVs to box trucks. As long as you need to move your vehicle, we can do that for you. We can handle all sorts of light and medium-duty vehicles. Call us and we can provide a quote over the phone before dispatching a tow truck to help you, so you will know the rates beforehand.

State-of-the-Art Tow Trucks for Medium-Duty Towing

We have regular tow trucks for towing light trucks, cars, and vans. In general, wheel lift tow trucks are best suited for towing over short distances.

We also have flatbed trucks available for towing vehicles. When towing four-wheel-drive vehicles, the best towing method is flatbed towing. The reason is the vehicles are carried by the flatbed tow truck instead of being pulled on the roads. Flatbed tow trucks are good for towing high-end vehicles, four-wheel-drives, wrecked vehicles, and motorcycles. It is also good for long-distance tows.

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