Wheel lift tow truck is a towing vehicle that has a metal yoke attached to the back of the tow truck. This metal yoke can be fitted either on the front or rear pair of wheels of the vehicle to be towed. The metal yoke is powered by hydraulic, and it can lift the pair of wheels off the ground, while the remaining pair of wheels will travel on the road. Some wheel lift tow trucks have a higher towing capacity, that is used to tow heavy duty vehicles.

Wheel Lift Towing

In general, wheel lift towing is diverse and suited for any towing situations. And this is the reason why lift tow trucks are used commonly; they have great flexibility and functionality.

Why Wheel Lift Towing

The wheel-lift tow truck can be used for various types of vehicles, from light to medium and heavy duty vehicles. It is also used to tow vehicles from hard to reach places. For instance, it can be used to tow parallel parked vehicles, or in tight parking areas. They are perfectly suited for towing difficult jobs and short-distance tows. Flatbed tow trucks may provide more security, however, it can’t tow vehicles out from small spaces. Some may say wheel lift tow truck is not suitable for towing four-wheel-drives. It is true to some extent, as dragging the four-wheel-drive on the road will damage its transmission. However, this limitation can be removed with the use of a tow dolly. Simply put the tow dolly below the pair of wheels, and let the tow dolly support the four-wheel-drive. With tow dolly, wheel lift towing can still be performed on a four-wheel-drive.

Because of this, wheel lifts tow trucks have the ability to handle almost every towing situation. They are considered the most flexible towing vehicle.

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